We accept submissions for our online journal, All Roads Will Lead You Home, year-round. We now publish submissions as they are accepted. We are currently working on all roads 5.

We publish full length print collections (48+ pages) under two imprints, purple flag and strawberry hedgehog. Please check our website and "General Submissions" below for more information.

We currently publish full length print collections (48+ pages) under two imprints, purple flag and strawberry hedgehog. We launched purple flag in 2014 as an invitation only series and added strawberry hedgehog in 2016 to reopen the press to unsolicited manuscripts. Since March 2017, we have accepted submissions for both series via our online submission manager.

We publish very few unsolicited manuscripts, but we are willing to consider them. If you are thinking about submitting a manuscript, here are a few things for you to consider:

1. We began as a collective making publishing decisions by consensus. Over the years, we have come to function as a small poetry press, and I have essentially become the publisher. But I still hold to the collective idea, and I still think of a decision to publish as an invitation to the author to become part of the collective. What that means has been left open-ended; but it does mean, at the very least, some familiarity with the books we've published since 2004 and the journal we've published since 2014. I would strongly suggest using your cover letter to demonstrate that you are familiar with that work.

2. If you know an author who has published with us or someone else who has been an active participant in vacpoetry over the years. it wouldn't hurt to ask them to read the manuscript first and email me with a recommendation. That won't guarantee publication, but it will be a plus.

3. Our publishing schedule is pretty simple. When the bills are paid and we have sufficient funds on hand (and when the other projects we're working on leave time), we consider manuscripts. When the bills aren't paid and we don't have sufficient funds on hand (or when we are happily buried in other projects), we wait. That means our response rate is variable. And, honestly, that "we" often means me. I respond as quickly as I can, because I know how difficult waiting can be when you believe your work is ready for publication. But I also know how frustrating it can be to set your work aside under the pressure of other demands. I'm a working artist, not a publisher. I hope you, as a working artist, will understand that and work with the sometimes frustrating rhythm it creates.

Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly. Take a moment to look at our books, and you'll get a sense of how well this philosophy has worked.

If you've made it through all that and are ready to continue, please upload a single document in one of the specified formats (pdf, doc, docx, txt, wpf, or odt).  We'll be in touch.

Check our website for more information: vacpoetry.org.


Steven Schroeder

We accept submissions (poetry, reviews, essays, interviews, visual art, and music) for our online journal, All Roads Will Lead You Home, year-round. We prefer previously unpublished work. If your submission has appeared elsewhere, please let us know that – and include complete publication information. Authors retain copyright to their own work. We ask only for the right to publish the work in the issue for which it is accepted and to archive it with the appropriate issue on our website.

No restrictions on style or content – just send us your best work.

Please take a few moments to explore the journal before you submit.

We accept submissions year-round and publish submissions as they are accepted. Submissions for all roads 4 are closed. We'll start working on all roads 5 in January 2018.

Submit up to three poems in a single file. Acceptable file formats are odt, doc, docx, pdf, and rtf.

Responses and Reviews
We accept traditional reviews of books, recordings, exhibitions, and performances. We publish reviews as they are accepted and include them in an archive of all reviews. They are also included in the first issue of the journal after they are accepted. We are happy to see responses in the form of poems, music, or visual art. For traditional reviews and poetry, acceptable file formats are odt, doc, docx, pdf, and rtf. For visual art and music, please follow the guidelines in the appropriate section below.


We accept essays related to music, poetry, and visual art -- including essays on the creative process and translation. Acceptable file formats are odt, doc, docx, pdf, and rtf.


We accept interviews related to music, poetry, and visual art. Acceptable file formats are odt, doc, docx, pdf, and rtf. [Please query for audio submissions.]

Visual Art

Submit up to three images formatted to 1920 pixels on the longest side and saved as RGB. Acceptable file formats are jpg, png, and tiff.


We suggest that you upload pieces you would like us to consider to soundcloud, bandcamp, or youTube (if the performance includes video) and send us a link. We will embed selected pieces in the journal, but the digital file will remain on your space. [Please attach a cover letter that includes the link.]
Virtual Artists Collective